1. Pulsatortester PT-V including the standard accessories:

Pulsatortester PT-V including the standard accessories

• Memory capacity 0,1 Mb (50 measurements)
• Backlight display
• Main adapter 100 - 230V / 50 – 60Hz
• Car adapter 12V
• Nylon Protection bag
• 4 points carry strap
• Bag with 20 filters
• Reportgenerator and user manual on CD-ROM
• Zero-modem cable



The pulsatortester PT-V will be delivered in a standard

box including the above mentioned accessories.






0,5 Mb (290 measurements):



2,0 Mb (1300 measurements):



2. Electronic Airflow meter 30 – 3000 l/min (1 – 106 CFM)


As an option the PT-V can be delivered with an electronic airflow meter. With this airflow

meter ‘Manual” and “Structural ISO/NMC airflow’ measurements can be carried out.






3. Mechanical Airflow meter AFM 3000


This airflow meter works on the pump diagnosing possible leaks through the milking

machine. In this way, vacuum fluctuations are minimum and animal are milked always at the

same vacuum; This is important to avoid problems of mastitis in the udder. It two scales

(gross and fine), with great resistance, ergonomic, reliability and proved experience in the







4. Protection case for AFM and DVPM-01

To carry the AFM 3000, the vacuum meter and other accessories carefully.






5. Rotameter AGL 19


Cluster flowmeter to measure the leakage of the milking unit, according to ISO 6690 and

NMC norms.






6. Bypass 2000 l/min (72CFM) for airflow meter






7. Connection tubes for Airflow meter



46/46 mm, #:


46/38 mm, #:


46/31,5 mm, #:

8. External transducers


The PT-V comes as standard with two built-in vacuum transducers. As an option two

external transducers can also be fitted to analyze up to four vacuum signals simultaneously.


NEW!! Cleanable stainless steel sensor resistant to the various media to be found in

milking parlors. Ideal for measurements during milking. Can be cleaned under the water tap

after use.



















11. Voltage Probe


To measure the input voltage of a pulsator, a voltage probe can be connected to the PT-V.

The voltage probe can measure DC voltage up to 40VDC. The shape of the voltage as well

as the minimum, maximum and average is available on the screen of the PT-V.






12. Extension cable for External Sensor or Voltage Probe



The External Sensor and Voltage probe comes standard with a 1,5 meter electrical wire.

To extend the length of the wire, we offer 4 different lengths of cables.


#: 3 meter



#: 5 meter


#: 10 meter


#: 30 meter


13. Printer


A selected number of commercial printers can be connected to the PT-V. Alternatively a total

solution is offered in the form of a new portable printer, which can be used to print out

measurement results on-line or direct from the memory in the parlour.




Printer Seiko DPU 414 including main adapter, rechargeable battery, paper roll and serial cable.










Accessories for printer DPU414:

Paper roll






Also available!!


Printer DPU 3445. Very fast Mobile Thermal Printer. Can be carried around with a belt

around your middle with the special carry bag.

Printer Seiko DPU 3445 base package including:

-serial cable, power cable, carry bag, paper roll, rechargeable battery and main adapter.







14. USB to serial cable 1.8m

To connect the PT-V to a PC with USB port only.




15. Protection case small


To carry the PT-V carefully we can offer two different protection cases. These protection

cases carries the airflow meter, external transducers, accessories and printer (big one).







16. Protection case large (also space for printer)


To carry the PT-V carefully we can offer two different protection cases. These protection

cases carries the airflow meter, external transducers, accessories and printer (big one).







17. Pulsatortester PT-IV


The PT -IV is available in two different (software) versions:

- a standard version for dry measurements (STD)

- a version for measurement during milking (AM1).






#: STD


#: AM1


18. DVPM-01

This handy digital vacuum meter measures both under- and overpressures. The DVPM-01 is a low-cost and user-friendly way of rapidly measuring vacuum levels. A built-in battery allows you to perform measurements with the DVPM-01 virtually anywhere. Its moisture-proof design, high level of accuracy and compact size make the DVPM-01 an indispensable and reliable measurement tool.




Sales Conditions:


Terms of delivery : Ex works Heteren / the Netherlands Incoterms 2000.

Delivery time : Within two (2) weeks after receipt of your written order

Terms of payment : To be agree upon

General Conditions : According to the General Conditions of ATV Agri Products